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Event promotions with TownSquare
Reach more people, sooner
Be featured on our platform
Promote your event to be featured near the top of the events feed, for ALL relevant searches. No algorithms deciding who sees your event listing, it will be shown to everyone searching for anything relevant in your city.
Increase listing impressions by 300% and engagements by 200%. Great for selling earlybird tickets, building a community for early engagement, and maximising awareness of your event.
All our promotion options include promotion on the main event listings feed, and all options except for basic include promotion for relevant searches.
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Advanced event promotion
Maximise your reach with our advanced event promotion options, which include being featured in our weekly newsletter, across our social media channels, and a specific blog post about your event.
The full promotion includes an optional giveaway promotion at no extra cost. Use this to get people excited about your event in advance, or to encourage ticket sales for a particular show which still has a few spare seats.
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Choose from multiple promotion options that fit any marketing budget:

Get featured in the first page of our events feed.

Have your event show up prominently in relevant tag searches.

Get mentioned in our newsletter and social media channels.

Opportunity for social media giveaways.

Be featured in our blog.

Get a customised Google Adwords campaign launched for your event.

Receive a comprehensive report on your event's performance.

Some of our successful promotions
"The Wellington Jazz Festival was delighted by the interest TownSquare showed in local musicians from our 2018 Jazz Festival line up. With four blogs by local jazz musicians running on TownSquare in the lead up to the event, the Jazz Festival was able to share these through our own social media channels, building on the buzz the popular mid-winter Festival generates."   – Sarah from the Wellington Jazz Festival
Promote your event on TownSquare
Submit an event to promote a new event or go to your organiser section to promote an existing event
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Behavioural Insights by TownSquare
Detailed insights, updated daily
Understand what people in your city want
See data insights for people in your city, based on user behaviour which is updated daily. Find out what people are actively searching for, which search tags get the most engagement, and which tags are trending.
Optimise your event timing based on our heatmap of which dates and times get the most engagement. You can also use the heatmap to identify gaps, when your event can capture the crowd.
Compare your audience to cities around the country, including top search terms and engagement metrics for each of them.

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Get detailed data on your event listing
Understand your event funnel, including how people find your event listings, how they engage with it, and options for increasing the number of people going on to purchase tickets.
Track engagement with your event well in advance, to identify if you want to run an extra promotion.
Venues can compare event series, optimise your programme, and pass the data on to event organisers so they can improve their listings.

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Subscription Details
Email Katy at katy@townsquare.co or leave your email below, and we'll get in touch with more information.
Access to the online dashboard
Detailed data on your events, including summaries of all event series.
Behavioural data from users in cities around the country, including top search terms and a heat map to show engagement with event listings.
All data is updated daily so you stay current.
Monthly report
Receive a report with statistics and insights about your city on a monthly basis.